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Recent Events

On October 24th SHARE-NY President Frank Fraley spoke with community advocates and members of the clergy in Harlem, NY to raise awareness of - and to promote advocacy for - safe, clean, and affordable energy policy in New York State.

President Fraley expressed concern that the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy are fading or are focused too narrowly on mitigation, rather than on the need to reduce harmful emissions. He applauded taking mitigative measures, like ensuring protected backup electricity generators for hospitals and residents, but explained that more needs to be done to ensure clean and affordable energy.

Attendees of the presentation expressed similar concerns about the health effects of harmful emissions especially on the young and old in their communities where asthma has become epidemic, and on the environment where extreme weather related events have devastated their communities. Many expressed support for President Fraley and a desire to work with SHARE-NY as the organization educates community members, leaders and elected officials about the importance of clean and affordable energy.

Said President Fraley after the discussion, "We all too often miss the big picture when concentrating on short-term and necessary remedies, which ought to be done, of course. But if we can speak as one voice with a message backed by large numbers of community leaders like those with whom we met today, our chances for influencing policy makers to make better energy choices increases greatly."